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Search Audit (SEO & SEM)

Your site needs traffic. Organic and Paid Search work together to deliver short and long-term success.


Search relies on two seperate but inextricably linked strategies that will ultimately deliver the lion-share of traffic to your site.

Organic and paid search go hand in hand. Treat them separately and you will be paying for it long term.

Paid and organic search are two lanes on the same road. Most business operate their organic and paid search strategies independently, failing to realise that by operating them in tandem, you get the best short-term and long-term tactical value.

Search cannot be done in isolation.

Many business make the critical error of engaging an SEO agency as well as a paid search agency (SEM agency). These agencies are fighting for the same audience however because they are operating separately, they may be cannibalising each others efforts.

Organic search is your long term objective. It delivers ‘free’ traffic to your site through listings (SERPs) in search engines like Google.

Your rankings are based on two critical parts of Google’s search algorithm; Penguin and Hummingbird. One is designed to rank your site based on site content, engagement, popularity, share-ability etc. While the other is based around more technical aspects of site development like responsiveness (performances on different devices), structured data, HTML encoding, best practice etc.

On the other half of the coin are paid search results (SEM ads). These are typically a mix of test based and image based ads that appear based on search terms you type into the search engines. These ads can also be trigger by searching for competing business, being in geographic proximity to a physical location, having gone to a website but not completed a specified task etc.

Define your strategy – then achieve success.

A clear three step process is required to set a search strategy. Do your due diligence and you set yourself up for success.

Know where you stand

An analysis of your website will reveal the keywords you are already ranking for and their relative position in the search engines. Comparing your position agains your competitors will show the gaps in your presence and will reveal your short and long-term opportunities.

Organic Search

Planning you organic strategy is a mix of content, website structure, coding standards, inbound links, external business citations and more. This all requires careful planning as these changes will drive significant traffic but must be implemented over time to achieve maximum results.

Paid Search

Your paid strategy in the short-term can support your organic gaps, support your campaign activities, and target your competitors. But it can also be used to target specific device types, locations and support dynamic and programmatic content.


Most business expect to see results immediately. While this is an understandable reaction, the truth is that the first three months the best approach is to tackle low-hanging fruit; items that can provide quick-wins but also setup your business for long-term success.

Specifically for organic search, most business can address flaws in site code and missing meta, schema or site copy issues. Business citations, articles, and other tactics will take a little longer to employ.

For paid search, the launch of your initial sets of ads will deliver instant traffic however it will take approximately two months to tune your messaging and optimise your consumer targeting. During that time the development of more tactical remarking, localisation and programmatic campaigns will deliver more significant and better qualified traffic.


So after the audit is complete, what happens? Well, we come to your office to present our finding to you, your team, your stakeholder and work with you to develop a timeline to write your strategy and action it.

We are agency agnostic which means we are happy to work with your incumbent agency, or help you find a new one. We can present our findings and hand over all assets created, or if you prefer we can work with you – as your agent and representative – and your agency to devise a calendar of activities to action the recommendations presented.

Over time, we have had clients re-do the audit either once every six or twelve months to ensure their business is on track to achieve success.

Getting started

So how do you get started. Well, complete the form at the bottom of the site or contact direct in Australia on 0450 416 957.

Available Audits

General Usability (UX/UI) Audit.

Critical website functions are mapped against known consumer personas. These behaviours include navigation, search, order, enquiry and any other task your business sees as critical. Recommendations are provided to simplify and optimise these tasks.

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eCommerce Conversion Optimisation Audit.

Specifically designed for eCommerce sites, we analyse the critical path to purchase to determine ways to maximise cart size and checkout conversions. Optional consulting to work with your development agency is available.

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Comprehensive Search SEO/SEM Audit.

Get an in-depth analysis of your on-site SEO. Get recommendations on standards compliance that will help your site to get the most organic traffic possible – then look at your paid search strategy to deliver even more targeted traffic to your site.

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Social Media Advertising Audit.

Our analysis will identify opportunities to drive more awareness, drive effective consumer engagement and convert existing customers into valuable brand advocates, driving credibility and highly qualified conversions to your site.

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