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Genesis Fitness

Developing a data strategy helped to identify opportunities to showcase product differentiation, increased lead generation and helped build franchise loyalty.


Genesis Fitness

Genesis Fitness – building brand and increasing sales.


  • Digital Strategy
  • SEM
  • Social Media
  • Web Development
  • API Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Attribution

Genesis Fitness – a national chain of franchised gyms, facing mounting pressure from its competition, presented a brief to develop a strategy that would help increase lead generation to its member gyms. Through an analysis of data gathered through owned, earned and paid digital marketing channels; what initially seemed like a straight forward lead generation campaign, ended up driving real change across the network to both existing members and the general public.


In mid 2016, many gym chains began to rebrand themselves in an effort to shed the negative perception of the gym industry and to appeal to a younger more inclusive membership. With a nearly 30% monthly member leakage across the network, the member franchises began to apply heavy pressure on head office. The first task was to begin to deliver leads to the sales teams of each franchise gym.

Audience segmentation – building brand and collecting critical consumer data.

The ‘fitness solutions’ creative helped to differentiate Genesis from its competition, present a more credible offer to current and future members and was key to delivering more digital lead generation.


Convincing the public that a gym has solutions for everyone

Creating differentiation in the fitness industry is not easy and with a fickle audience, driving leads to franchisees can be a constant struggle. To succeed, we needed buy-in from head office, the Genesis Fitness franchise locations and the general public. Finding common ground for all three was to be found in the data.


Where solutions come from asking the right questions

Insights were gained through our analysis of owned and earned platform data, gym visits and member market research. The analysis revealed four key consumers groups within the Genesis Fitness membership. Each group represented a specific section within the gym as well as differing health and lifestyle objectives. These became known as the Genesis Fitness ‘fitness solutions’.


Sustained delivery of highly qualified leads – direct to franchise sales teams

Results were achieved through a multi-channel campaign; driving leads through the Genesis Fitness website, SEM, Social Media and third-party influencers.

In the SEM space, multiple ad groups with geographical overlays drove qualified leads while in the Social space, fitness solutions based content was promoted to targeted consumers based on their interests and behaviour.

All traffic lead back to the Genesis Fitness website where dedicated landing pages for each fitness solution greeted perspective members. A five day free pass encouraged prospects to try their local Genesis Fitness before any commitment was needed.

Over 12 months, results included:

  • 50,000+ leads across SEM
  • 12,000+ leads across Social Media
  • 18,000+ leads via outside influencers

All leads were delivered into the Genesis Fitness sales software InTouch via a custom developed API. Each lead was tagged with the fitness solution of choice, campaign source and medium in addition to UTM tracking allowing for clear ROI measurement for every dollar spent in the digital space.