General Usability (UX/UI) Audit

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General Usability (UX/UI) Audit

The best way to determine how usable a website is, is by conducting a usability audit by matching data and behaviour.

Creating a repeatable and reliable user experience creates a loyal and engaged customer base.

If the user can’t find it on your website, technically it doesn’t even exist.

You have spent a great deal of time thinking about how customers move through your store, how products are placed on your shelves and where the checkout is. You do all of this to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for, to promote the sale of your higher margin products and to make the purchase experience smooth and efficient. This is what UX/UI is in the digital space.

A lot goes into the usability of website, design and navigation play a vital role, but content, processes, structure, and development also contribute. The best way to determine how usable a website is, is by conducting a usability audit.

Every website has a short shelf life.

As new technologies, programming languages, server/hosting setup and devices enter the marketplace, it is inevitable that our sites will suffer from usability issues as compared to the most up-to-date sites. Usability audits not only help to identify gaps on your offering, but they also help you to understand where your business’ digital maturity sits.

It’s not only customers that are judging your online presence. Search engines give your property a score that is critical when it comes to your position in search engines. It also can impact the cost you pay when engaging in CPC activities like Google Adwords.

So what is the process?

2. Analytical Review

We map expected consumer behaviour with the reality of how consumers are engaging with your site. This includes reviews of navigation, path to purchase, transactions, CRM and other critical areas.

1. Collect data.

We look for a wealth of information to perform our analysis. From reviewing your initial development agreement we begin to review all collected analytics.

3. Recommendations

Once our analytical review is complete, we provide a list of deficiencies and opportunities to you and your developers. Where possible, we provide code along with our recommendations to try to keep costs and lead time low.

4. Optional Consulting

When we make recommendations, we stand by them. If requested, we can provide a statement of work (SOW) that will have us directly involve in the development of implementation strategy and roll-out-plan.


So after the audit is complete, what happens? Well, I come to your office to present my finding to you, your team, your stakeholder and if you like, your developers as well.

I am agency agnostic which means I am happy to work with your incumbent agency, or help you find a new one. I can present my findings and hand over all assets created, or if you prefer I can work with you – as your agent and representative – and your agency to devise a calendar of activities to action the recommendations presented.

Most of my clients conduct annual audits to keep ahead of changing trends and to ensure that their site is performing optimally.

Getting started

So how do you get started? Well, complete the form at the bottom of the site or contact direct in Australia on 0450 416 957.

Available Audits

General Usability (UX/UI) Audit.

Critical website functions are mapped against known consumer personas. These behaviours include navigation, search, order, enquiry and any other task your business sees as critical. Recommendations are provided to simplify and optimise these tasks.

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eCommerce Conversion Optimisation Audit.

Specifically designed for eCommerce sites, we analyse the critical path to purchase to determine ways to maximise cart size and checkout conversions. Optional consulting to work with your development agency is available.

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Comprehensive Search SEO/SEM Audit.

Get an in-depth analysis of your on-site SEO. Get recommendations on standards compliance that will help your site to get the most organic traffic possible – then look at your paid search strategy to deliver even more targeted traffic to your site.

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Social Media Advertising Audit.

Our analysis will identify opportunities to drive more awareness, drive effective consumer engagement and convert existing customers into valuable brand advocates, driving credibility and highly qualified conversions to your site.

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