Digital Strategy Workshops

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Digital Strategy Workshops

Workshopping your strategy brings your team together to define objectives, identify gaps and to develop a plan for success for the coming twelve to twenty-four months.


Collaboration allows you to get all opinions and perspectives – making a robust and adaptable digital strategy.

Workshop Agenda

  • Business objectives (short to long-term)
  • Target audiences
  • Competitor analysis/audit
  • Digital audit
  • Content pillars
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Social Media
  • Measurement & reporting

Workshops allow you to bring together all of your key stakeholders into one place to discuss objectives, review critical data and to discuss creative ideas in a fun brainstorming session.

Leading up to the big day – due diligence.

Prior to the big day, I will review your current activities across all of your owned, earned and paid digital channels and compare them against your competitors. This will assist with the micro-audits and will help me direct the workshop outcomes.

Micro-audits for social media, your website and/or APP, SEO and SEM activities are also completed to give some insights into possible areas of opportunity to better performance or to identify key gaps in your offering.

Group activities during the workshop.

In these three sections, the participants are broken into small groups before returning to share results.


A card-sorting exercise will all of your key stakeholders. This is where you get to see all of the wants and needs of each of your departments and where they overlap. Grouping these will help to develop an idea on where you money may be best spent.


Quick overviews of each of your channels. We work together to review the data, look at your competitors and decide on what learnings we can take from each. These often lead to adjustments to objectives and help to influence creative ideas.

Creative Brainstorm

Everyone has some creativity in them. in this part of the workshop, we throw ideas into the ring and see where they take us. We can look at different channels and messaging – plus look at BAU vs campaign content.

The day of the workshop.

Typically these workshop run on a single day from 10am to 4pm with a lunch break in the middle. Some clients who have more complex requirements ask to spread the workshop over two days.

Optional session audio recording is available along with the final output documentation so you can go back and listen to the workshop again in the future.

During the day session, there are group activities like objective planning, and competitive analysis that will allow representatives from each of your business units to share their ideas and objective for the coming twelve months.

After the micro-audits are presented, and after a break for lunch, the afternoon session is dedicated to a fun and collaborative brainstorming session. This includes discussions about content pillars, imagery, tone of voice, campaigns vs BAU communication etc.

By the end of the day, the beginnings of a strong digital strategy is taking hold. For any marketing team, this will be a strong basis to finalise internally for approval with your key stakeholders.

Expected Outcomes.

Within two weeks of the workshop, a document is supplied that compiles all of the workshop activities. Included is a list of objectives, a copy of the micro-audit findings, a list of the ideas from the creative brainstorming session and a list of next steps.

This workshop is the first step in writing a complete digital strategy. Optional to this workshop, I am available to assist in the writing or to lead the writing of a complete digital strategy. Additional sessions would be required to discuss paid media, crisis mitigation planning and other requirements in greater detail.

So how do you get started? Well, complete the form at the bottom of the site or contact direct in Australia on 0450 416 957.

Available Audits

General Usability (UX/UI) Audit.

Critical website functions are mapped against known consumer personas. These behaviours include navigation, search, order, enquiry and any other task your business sees as critical. Recommendations are provided to simplify and optimise these tasks.

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eCommerce Conversion Optimisation Audit.

Specifically designed for eCommerce sites, we analyse the critical path to purchase to determine ways to maximise cart size and checkout conversions. Optional consulting to work with your development agency is available.

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Comprehensive Search SEO/SEM Audit.

Get an in-depth analysis of your on-site SEO. Get recommendations on standards compliance that will help your site to get the most organic traffic possible – then look at your paid search strategy to deliver even more targeted traffic to your site.

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Social Media Advertising Audit.

Our analysis will identify opportunities to drive more awareness, drive effective consumer engagement and convert existing customers into valuable brand advocates, driving credibility and highly qualified conversions to your site.

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