Find out how to be more efficient without spending a fortune

Invest in the knowledge of your employees, managers and executives. Gain the expertise to engage with your digital partners and hold them to account for their retainerd agreements with your business.

An independent assessment can help to determine where you can maximise your margins, reduce costs, build long-term positive consumer sentiment and repeat customers.

Organic & Paid Search.

Organic and Paid Search work together to drive traffic to your website; but they must be done in tandem in order to get the maximum value.

Paid Search is a channel that is extremely fluid. It attracts customers during throughout the conversion funnel from research to purchase and is primarily triggered by keywords or key phrases within a search.

Once you have gained enough data and searches, you can start to remarket to customers across the Google network, engaging them with multiple messages to entice them back to your website.

Organic search is a much longer game. It is based on a variety of factors including site structure, content structure, content hierarchy, social shareability and structured data.

The Organic and Paid Search Audit reviews your activity, your website and the search market to determine how you are currently performing and where your gaps are.

This cost-effective audit will outline those gaps and help you find areas of growth for your business.

CRO (Conversion).

CRO or Conversion Optimisation Audits focus exclusively on reviewing your site’s current ability to convince customers to complete a specific action on your site. For most businesses, this is an ecommerce transaction, but for some, this might be to register for an event, to download a PDF, to complete a form or play a video.

Each path a customer can take to purchase on your site is individually mapped to understand the number of steps it takes. Looking at each flow and making recommendations (based on best practice UX) to reduce the number of steps, we can make conversions increase on your site.

In addition, a review of each page is conducted to determine better way to present information.

Can we present critical features and benefits in a way that makes it easier for customers to make an informed decision?
Can we make promotional content clearer and use it to drive purchase?
Can changes to site layout or forms simplify the purchase process?

This audit is highly recommended for anyone considering investing in new development or is about to release a new website.

Social Media.

Your social media channels represent an opportunity to build your online community. This community is where you can support customers, build your brand and drive long-term loyalty.

A social media audit will help to:

Define your audience(s)
Identify what social channels they use
Understand what content they engage with
Analyse what your competitors are doing well
Define content you can create that will engage your audience and;
Identify your tone of voice.

Devising creative approaches that convert current consumers into vocal brand advocates will mean building long-term revenue and sales from the most credible salesperson possible - your client.

The social audit is ideal for businesses looking to create their social strategy from scratch or for businesses who already have a presence and are looking to get an independent analysis of performance and support in creating a better overall customer experience.

The output of each of these audits is a report, presented to you either in person or via conference call with your key stakeholders. The document will outline all key finding and opportunities and will advise how to address them, in order in order to get maximum growth for your investment.

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