Aussie Broadband Case Study

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Aussie Broadband

A UX/UI and conversion audit in one, detected areas of opportunity which led to some fantastic results – quickly.


One of Australia’s fastest growing NBN resellers launched a new site late September of 2018.

Results Seen In The First 3 Months

In just three months after some, but not all of the recommended changes were enacted on the Aussie Broadband site, a dramatic change in site performance was realised.

51% Sessions with a transaction
13.5% Site conversion rate
21% Site abandonment
52% Site revenue

Recently, Aussie Broadband rebuilt their website as part of a rebrand effort. The newly revitalised businesses would focus on NBN and mobile plans for both residential and businesses customers.

The new website was designed and built by a very well-regarded digital agency out of Sydney and was launched late 2018. While the site performed well, Aussie Broadband requested a UX/UI and e-commerce conversion audit to determine if their new website was performing optimally or if there were changes that could be made to simplify the UX and increase site conversion.

Expected Outcomes

Aussie Broadband outlined three key areas of concern which they wanted reviewed. If any flaws were identified, and assessment of the scale along with a recommend approach to solve the issues was requested. The three areas of concern where the navigation, the plan comparison and finally the order process. Each area is critical to the overall site performance and each is likely to contribute to the overall success of the site.

The Assessment Process

The first step in our audit process is to review all documentation surrounding the initial site build. Understanding the scope of work, site functionality and expected results agreed to by both parties.

Next, a review of Google Analytics and Hot Jar was performed. This analysis allowed a review the goals attributed to the sales funnel, a review of drop-offs in the purchase process and the ability to watch recorded customer sessions – providing much needed context of the real user experience.

Insights gathers in this process identified three critical areas where the business was currently losing customers and where simple changes would not only simplify the user experience but would reduce customer abandonment and therefore increase sales and conversions.

Opportunities Identified

While multiple areas of opportunity were identified and presented, Aussie Broadband chose to first action the following critical areas which were responsible for consumer abandonment of the website.

Site Navigation

Access to both NBN plans and mobile plans pages were often times confusing, especially for mobile customers. Recommendations were made to keep the NBN Plans navigation item a stand-alone item with a section called ‘other services’ to compartmentalise all other services including any supplemental NBN services that were not directly related to converting customers.

Plan Comparison

The initial designs of the site worked well on desktop devices but suffered for customers on mobile devices. Endless scrolling made navigating pages difficult and comparing plans was awkward and led to large numbers of site abandonment.

A recommendation was made to introduce a side scroll effect that would mimic the table available for desktop customers but would also make it simple to compare one plan against another without any additional scrolling.

Order Portal

The order portal is the primary means of driving revenue for Aussie Broadband and as such needs to be as streamlined and effective as possible. A number of recommendations were made including:

  • Simplifying page layouts and adding more graphical elements
  • Transferring of customer details from the check availability and plan comparison pages to reduce the amount of repetitive customer input
  • Changes to the inline validation for all forms to provide clearer instructions to customers and to make any errors easy to understand and fix
  • Reduce the number of secondary offers presented to reduce the number of steps required to complete a transaction – recommendations yet applied.


In the first 90 days post site updates, there have been dramatic changes across the businesses. There are increases in email-based enquiries, increases in revenue for both new and returning visitors and a significant decrease in session abandonment.

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