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Advice. Strategy. Analysis.

After 20+ years leading award winning ad agencies, I now choose to work directly with brands; with their internal teams to educate and advise on getting the most out of search, ecommerce conversion, UX and social media.

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~ it’s all about the process ~

Audit. Strategise. Build. Optimise.

Audit your current digital presence so you know where you stand and where your opportunities are. Those opportunities will lead to the development of a digital strategy designed for success.

General Usability (UX/UI) Audit.

All critical website functions are mapped against known consumer personas. This behaviours include navigation, search, order, enquiry and any other task your business sees as critical. Recommendations are then provided to simplify and optimise these tasks.

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eCommerce Conversion Optimisation Audit.

Specifically designed for eCommerce sites, we analyse the critical path to purchase to determine ways to maximise cart size and checkout conversions. Optional consulting to work with your development agency is available.

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Comprehensive Search SEO/SEM Audit.

Get an in-depth analysis of your on-site SEO. Get recommendations on standards compliance that will help your site to get the most organic traffic possible – then look at your paid search strategy to deliver even more targeted traffic to your site.

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Social Media Advertising Audit.

Our analysis will identify opportunities to drive more awareness, drive effective consumer engagement and convert existing customers into valuable brand advocates, driving credibility and highly qualified conversions to your site.

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Digital Strategy Workshops

Many businesses need assistance in developing a digital marketing strategy. These single and multi-day strategy workshops cover a variety of topics including setting objectives, defining consumer personas, a top line review of your digital presence along with a collaborative creative brainstorming session. Business are asked to bring all key stakeholders to these sessions with the output being the skeleton of a comprehensive digital strategy.

Ongoing Training & Support

Information is key and quality education and training of you and your staff is critical to allow you to make informed decisions on best-practice, SEO, SEM, social media and a variety of other digital marketing topics. Sessions range from 30 minutes to full-day sessions depending on topic and participants. Topics vary based on participants; from digital theory and vocabulary to hands-on training.

~ working together ~

Flexibility is the key to success.

Flexible working options give you cost effective choices on how we can work together.

Working With You

Working as an independent consultant, I work with your business on a needs basis; often on individual projects for fixed periods of time. This may include helping to develop strategies, data analysis and optimisation, helping to identify areas of monetisation, digital business policies & governance or ongoing training.

Working For You

On-site solutions for businesses on a regular, yet flexible basis. I offer my services on a retained agreement starting from two days a month and up with no fixed term. This offers you a reliable and regular consultation/support solution that is flexible to your needs and budgets. This is the most popular arrangement I have with clients.

A selection of clients

Current and past clients – some direct and other via agency relationships.

~ solution centre ~

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