~ independent digital consultant ~

~ independent digital consultant ~

Advice. Strategy. Analysis.

I am an award winning digital consultant with 21+ years of experience who helps businesses generate more leads and sales by taking a data-first approach to digital strategy.

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~ it’s all about the process ~

Strategise. Build. Measure. Optimise.

Before you spend a penny on any advertising or marketing, make sure you have clear objectives, understand how your customers engage with your brand and how to measure success.

Digital Audit Analysis

Find out where your business is in the market. This includes a competitive analysis, audience insights, digital maturity assessment and review of your data and analytics.

Digital Strategy

Where do you want your business to be in 24 months? Working with key internal and external stakeholders we reverse engineer to develop a calendar of activities to achieve success.

Data Insights & Analytics

What is you data telling you? As an outside specialist, I can provide an unbiased perspective on what you are collecting, what it means and how to leverage the insights.

CX – Customer Experience

Map and understand the journey your customer takes throughout their lifetime with your brand. The gaps? That is opportunity talking.

UX – User Experience

How are customers engaging with your digital products? Are they happy? Mapping their journey can help identify ways to make their experience better.

Digital Innovation

Developing products and services that bridge your online and offline world to create happy, engaged and profitable customers.

~ working together ~

Flexible options to suit your business.

Working with you

As an outside consultant, I work with your business on a project by project basis. I help you build your strategies, develop a calendar of activities to achieve success and help to analyse the data your business generates to identify opportunities for growth, optimisation and profit.

Working for you

Working on-site, I consult with each of your business units identifying ways to streamline and optimise marketing activities, logistics, warehousing, billing and other critical functions. In today’s environment efficiency and cost of delivery are critical in delivering maximum profits.

A selection of clients

Current and past clients – some direct and other via agency relationships.

~ solution centre ~

Industry insights, news and opinion.